ExpertiCās’s professional administrative services ensure that all bills, payments and scheduling arrangements are handled promptly and efficiently. With ExpertiCās as your resource, you have more time to focus on the essential details of your case.

ExpertiCās is a flexible, comprehensive resource specifically designed around the needs of personal injury and medical malpractice attorneys.

ExpertiCās provides a complete array of services essential to vet potential complaints and litigate them. From our initial case analysis to trial preparation, we provide the required medical expertise, as well as educational, logistical and administrative support.

Digital Medical Records

Primary Services

  • Initial medical record analysis or screening – ExpertiCās’s core team will analyze the medical record and assess if the case has merit, keeping in mind your budget and deadlines.
  • Medical consultant and expert witness referral – ExpertiCās evaluates all medical experts for their expertise, experience, credentials and suitability of purpose.
  • Preparation and education – Know what to expect before the deposition or trial. Our experts can provide the essential knowledge that you need to prepare for discovery, as well as direct examination and cross examination.
  • Expert witness preparation – Experts referred by ExpertiCās are briefed on professional principles and ethics in providing evidence and testimony.
Additional Services
  • Medical record summary and chronology
  • Letters of Merit and Good Faith
  • Research, drug and medical-device narratives
  • Confirmatory physical examination by an independent specialist