ExpertiCās is uniquely structured around a core medical team composed of a practicing physician consultant and certified legal nurse consultants who provide impartial, ethical and efficient case analysis based on the facts and merits of the case.

ExpertiCās is a full-service resource designed exclusively for attorneys, paralegals and other legal professionals.

ExpertiCās combines the finest medical expertise, consulting and legal‑case management.

When it’s your medical malpractice or personal injury case, you want the best support. ExpertiCās is devoted to being a professional resource for all your case needs. ExpertiCās has the knowledge, experience and experts from leading medical institutions.

Each member of our core medical team brings experience as an expert in medical-legal matters. With ExpertiCās you get unparalleled depth of knowledge and understanding right from the start.

Digital Medical Records

ExpertiCās provides:

  • An internal core medical team
  • A network of credentialed board-certified physicians, nurses and specialists that spans all medical disciplines
  • Expert search that matches your case with an appropriate medical consultant.
  • Research and education that supports your preparation
  • Case management systems that track progress and critical details, saving time and expense
  • HIPAA compliance that upholds patient confidentiality

ExpertiCās recognizes that each attorney, each client and each case requires a flexible approach. Our services evolve with your needs; our ethics and professional standards are always of the highest caliber.